Confessions Of A Music Festival Worker

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Music festivals provide a unique(ly dirty) experience for concert goers who aren't content with one or two bands playing a mere two or three hour show.

For the rest of us these (typically) outdoor events represent a trial in one or more ways, an ordeal we have to get through in order to see our favorite bands play under the stars.

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But if you think music festivals are an ordeal for the audience imagine how the workers feel!

They have to deal with people trying to smuggle in booze, people who drank too much booze and those jerks who think it's okay to throw cups full of pee at workers because they're not allowed to just walk up on stage.

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A festival worker from the UK named Hilary Mitchell shared her thoughts about music festivals with BuzzFeed, and revealed things that festival workers know but audiences still don't for some odd reason.

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Hilary blows the lid off the port-a-potty mystery (they're cleaned every day by a worker who gets hazard pay), reveals that most first-aiders are volunteers, and tells us why we shouldn't roll in the mud (it's full of bodily waste).

Wasn't going to happen anyway, but thanks Hilary!

Read 22 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Music Festival Worker here (NSFW-ish)

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