We Like You, Here’s a Tesla

In April of 2015, Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, decided to phase in a minimum salary of $70,000 a year for his employees. He himself took a huge pay cut. The announcement was a sensation. Then there was backlash, in which other business leaders were scandalized, Price's brother sued him, clients got nervous, and some of the better-paid employees grumbled about losing their financial seniority. But a year later, business at the firm has doubled, attrition is way down among both clients and employees, and they’ve hired 50 new workers. Employees have been able to do things like move closer to the office and start families. So the rank-and-file got together to give Price a gift of a Tesla, a car they knew he was enthusiastic about.

(YouTube link)

Price was quite touched by the gesture. -via Viral Viral Videos

You can read more about Price in an Esquire article out today. -via Dan Price

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Sadly, I doubt that all the "non-tycoons," the ones who wallow in victim-hood, the ones who understand not a whit of why Capitalism "may not be perfect, but it's the best we've got" (M. Friedman), nor the concept of being rewarded for one's hard work, but can only feel envy at what others have (and not the motivation to get off their asses themselves and make more of themselves) will ever "get the picture."
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Doing the right thing by his employees has certainly rewarded him many times over. Look at the way his business is thriving! Happy employees are the best. Somehow I doubt that all the tycoons who take home millions will get the picture, though.
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