20 Ways People Are Making Money From Pokémon GO

When you first saw people outside playing Pokémon GO, you might have thought, “What is this? It looks like fun. I want to try it!” But some folks’ first reaction is “What is this? And how can I monetize it for my own benefit?” Entrepreneurial types quickly figured out how to provide goods and services to avid Pokémon GO players, in quite a few different ways.

Uber is the latest way to travel. Instead of calling a cab, people call an Uber car to get them where they need to go. Now, Uber is cashing in on this Pokémon GO craze. Uber-for-Pokémon GO offers a way to avoid the car accidents people have been getting into while trying to catch Pokémon, as well as a way to avoid walking for miles searching for them. There is one Uber driver in New York that is offering to drive Pokémon GO players around to catch Pokémon. The fee is $20 per hour for one person, but if you bring someone with you it’s only $17 an hour each.

If you are not too into Uber or prefer catching Pokémon with a group of people, this Pokémon catching bus is for you. In New York, this bus is painted like a Pikachu and drives around all day and night so you can catch Pokémon. The charge is $0.99 per Pokestop, $24.99 to take over a gym, and $49.99 for egg-hatching services. Charging stations are available for your phones as well.

Others, too, figured out various needs of Pokémon GO players and went to work to fulfill them, for a price. Not mentioned are the criminals who just take money and phones from distracted players. Read about how lots of people are cashing in on the Pokémon GO craze at Money Inc.

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