This Possibly Possessed Keyboard Player Stole The Show

According to Phantom Of The Opera people who enjoy tickling the keys of a piano, organ or keyboard are prone to possession by evil spirits and have a natural propensity for evil.

This theory doesn't include little old ladies who play the organ at church, or the piano gods Little Richard and Liberace, but it's safe to assume sinister forces are at work within this young lady.

Either that or she's really freaking out about finals.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Maybe in the future you should use Google to see how the person in the video feels about their video before you go off on people for no reason and try to be some random person's hero.

Here's how the girl in the video (Anna Eberhart) feels about being called "the possessed girl":

In case you didn't feel like reading the article because it would prove my point here's the short version- she loves her viral fame, and is embracing being called "that crazy girl" because she's having fun during her performance and people are coming up to her all over the place telling her they loved her performance.

And now millions of people have seen her perform where they wouldn't have otherwise, which is great for her, and yet you chose to focus on the one thing that didn't really matter in it all, the "possession" silliness that was never meant to be serious.

I didn't name that video, I didn't make up the whole "possessed" bit, I just went with the flow and then you decided to get upset about it all for NOTHING!

Anna is actually making lots of friends and fans after the video and being celebrated and cheered, not picked on as you claim.

Google is a powerful tool, Michael, and since you chose not to use it before posting yet another negative comment to our site I'm disappointed in you.
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Read this article where she responds to becoming a viral sensation and tell me it's bullying:

And please get over your "neat" BS, just because the site is called "Neatorama" doesn't mean everything we post is meant to be "neat".

On the other hand, the girl in the video (Anna Eberhart) thinks it's neat that her video went viral, and she's enjoying her status as "the crazy girl", so stop trying to be her hero.
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Do you see that the title of the YouTube video is "Possibly possessed keyboard player steals the show"? Are you aware that this video has been making the rounds for weeks now? Do you know that a Google search for "possibly possessed keyboard player" turns up thousands of hits that pre-date this post? And Neatorama's to blame for this because... um...

I guess I must be new to the Internet. Today I learned that aggregation sites that post links to pre-existing content are responsible for generating that content retroactively.
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