Modern Life Is Strange, And So Are These Hilariously Timely T-Shirts

I Bought This Shirt on the Internet! by joerocks1981

It's 2016 and the world is becoming stranger by the minute, seemingly stuck in a yin-yang state of destructive upheaval and constructive progress, all of it shared by the second on the internet.

But just because the world is in disarray doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be, and the NeatoShop is the best place to buy a shirt that makes a thoroughly modern statement.

And if you shop now through July 10th all t-shirts are up to 20% off, so you can get the now look for less!

Even though it doesn't look like it did in all those movies the future is now

Psychedelic Cyber Punk Venus Rebirth by Andrei Verner

And it's time to prepare for all the weird and wondrous things the future has to offer

take this by haplo

By working to undo the wrongs of the past and create a better world for us all

Ctrl + Zeta IN BLACK by Raffiti

We've brought all the things we love from the past with us into the 21st century

Space Sharks! by Hillary White

Such as our favorite pop culture franchises

Walker Mechanics by Ed Harrington

Our favorite cartoons and toy lines from when we were kids

Voltron Head by Samoht-Lion

And, inexplicably, the simplified eating habits of our ancestors from ancient history

Paleo Caveman BBQ Club by Mudge

Unfortunately, we also brought xenophobia, racism and classist elitism with us too

Trumpty Dumpty with White Text by linesXofXfury

Now why couldn't we have brought the good old days with us without all the ignorance!

Make Shrimp Great Again! by DeepFriedArt

Speaking of ignorance, we are supposedly living in the Information Age

Robot Detector by IdeasConPatatas

An age where even the deepest, darkest secrets have been exposed to the light

The Queen Is A Lizard by Immortalized

The internet is also supposed to make us feel closer to our fellow Earthlings via social media

Extinct Friends by Alberto Arni

And smarten us up thanks to the hard work of trolls and grammar nazis who constantly correct us

Grammar by haplo

But in truth the internet has made us feel even more isolated

LOL Butts by Mykel AD

And internet fame has given some folks a bit of an ego problem

Chi AF by Hillary White

Making them feel like upper crustaceans when they're really just another shrimp in the sea


But don't get me wrong, there are some great things happening in the world today

Casualties of Weed 47 by SayWhatJAY

And for every really bad idea somebody comes up with

Hail Hydra! by Tom Ryan's Studio

There are many wondrous new creations released which will forever change our lives!

!#@*'n Thing Sucks! by Nicholas Ginty

Get dressed up for the strange world we live in with a geeky, and thoroughly cutting edge, t-shirt from the NeatoShop, home of the newest and best t-shirt designs on the 'Net.

The NeatoShop is home to thousands of cool designs created by the coolest indie artists on the planet, and now through July 10th all shirts are up to 20% off.

So head to the NeatoShop and grab a new and now t-shirt today!

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