How to Make a Car Ad Without the Car

Why would you bother trying to make a car ad without the car itself? Well, ad producers will tell you it’s not always easy to get a few vehicles of the latest model with every style change, especially on short notice. But more often, you’ll spend time and money making a great ad, and then one of the suits will insist you reshoot with a different color car. You can change that with computer graphics now, but wouldn’t it be even more cost-effective if they allowed for those expected alterations at the beginning, and dispensed with the real vehicle models from the start?   

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The Blackbird is a new vehicle from The Mill, designed to imitate the size and actions of any vehicle, which can be then be skinned by CGI to resemble any car, even one not yet on the market. This innovation will excite ad agencies way more than the car companies that hire them. It will also help us to convince our more gullible friends that you can’t believe everything you see on TV. -via Viral Viral Videos

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A family member of mine works for The Mill and he worked on a series of Audi ads. The ads take place in winter but if you look at the trees you will notice they all have leaves covered in CGI snow because SoCal doesn't have much snow in early Oct when it is 80+ out. The ad ends with the car in front of a house but the only thing real in the shot was a single tree, the house was fully CGI, the road surface was not as pristine as they liked so they changed that and the car was the wrong model. He said they actually do not need to shoot car ads any more they could just take pictures of the car and crop them into any other background combos they wanted.
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"How to Make a Car Ad Without the Car"

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