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Why I Left Facebook

What’s wrong with Facebook? YouTube member tanktronic breaks it down in horrifying detail. He has all kinds of people posting all kinds of things on his Facebook feed, none of which he enjoys. This video contains NSFW language.

(YouTube link)

If I check my Facebook feed, which doesn’t happen often, it’s full of image macros with meaningless “inspirational” quotes. My feed is even less interesting than tanktronic’s is. But he doesn’t have to delete his Facebook account. If you turn off notifications and just don’t go there, you’ll be fine and still have access in case you want to see a certain post, picture, or video.  -via reddit

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thars always something better comming down the virtual pike, till it gets corrupted by thugs and other freaks of nature

hell I've even heard tale that the uber rich have thar own version and in order to get on that system you have to provide proof that you have the funds and can afford the access fees etc etc

am soo glad I never got sucked into all that garbage and drama !!
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Without facebook I would never know a dang thing that happens in my sibling's life. Yes, I miss the actual conversations we used to have online, but that ain't coming back anytime soon so at least I still know when my nephew is in the freakin' hospital. Heck, I even had to contact my BOSS via FB a few months ago because she is incapable of communicating via the phone these days. Moan all you want about how evil FB is (I even agree with you!), but I'm staying until someone invents something better that is actually adopted by the majority of my family and friends.
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Never bothered to get on the facebook at all. Sounds like I'm not missing out on anything important. (I've never had cable TV in my life either, and I don't feel like I've missed anything there.)
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I'm not the sharing type so I never bothered getting a real Facebook account. I have an account but it's a fake identity and name, and I use it to post comments on other blogs or to access certain restricted Facebook content. Same with Twitter, I just use a fake name.
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