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No Blood Should Hold us Back

For decades, we saw print and TV ads featuring women wearing white swimsuits diving into blue water, women in white jeans riding horses, and women in nice white sundresses, advertising who-knows-what unless you already knew they were about menstrual products. When inhibitions dropped a little, we were treated to absorbent products that sucked up blue water. But now, Bodyform UK has a badass advertisement that confronts the realities of menstruation head on. This ad is SFW, although a bit …bloody.  

(YouTube link)

Yes, it’s about blood. There’s nothing shameful or dirty about blood, or sweat, or tears, and that includes menstrual blood. It’s just reality. Read more about Bodyform’s blood campaign.  -via Metafilter

What’s your reaction to this ad?

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Sandyra, totally agree. But I also think this kind of advertisement actually doesn't do what it's message is supposed to be. If it's 'just reality' and there's 'nothing shameful about it' (for the record, I absolutely concur with that sentiment) then why is this ad so bent on being sexy and edgy and cool? Where's the Mom taking care of her kids through her cycle? Where's the nurse or the teacher or the soldier (and not the fake 'soldier' on a horse at the end of this commercial but the real one out in the field or in the motorpool or umpteen other everyday jobs?) Where's the mechanic changing a carburetor? Oh, wait, yeah, that's not 'cool enough.' Please, give me those women anyday over these hyped up, over-stylized glamour shots. If it's 'real' and 'everyday' then for f%$ks sake, give us real and everyday.
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I think it's so sad and unfair that in some countries women are isolated, locked away, avoided, shunned, etc because of their natural monthly menses. Grow up, World!
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"No Blood Should Hold us Back"

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