What People Drive for a Living

Redditors who drive for a living outdid themselves with a one-upmanship series of posts over the weekend. It all started when redditor 060789 posted a picture and said, “I know it's not the most interesting pic in the world, but here's the inside of my garbage truck, for all your inner kids who wanted to see one.” Yes, people wanted to see the interior cab of a garbage truck! But that started a chain of events as other people started posting interior shots of the vehicles they drive for a living.

Redditor corey_m_snow admitted, “It's not *quite* as cool as a garbage truck, but here's the driver's area of my school bus, where I sit for up to six hours a day, sometimes more.” Yes, there are a lot of people who did not ride a school bus while they were growing up.

How about a fire truck? Redditor polak187 gave us the cab of his fire department command vehicle. Oh, it gets better. You can actually say "that escalated quickly."

Realtadensoal snapped a picture of the cab in his ambulance.

Willbily showed us the interior of an 18-yard articulated dump truck.

LittleTXBigAZ showed the cab of the 1920 street car he drives.

Want to see the inside of a locomotive? Engineer onewing has you covered.

And now a different type of train, a commuter line, from choochoocharles.

SkeerRacing is a “Porsche Junior Factory Driver, so kinda like an internship to become a driver paid by Porsche.” The picture isn’t much, but who could resist showing off your occupation by posting about it?

This is the interior of a TV satellite truck, posted by kingomtdew.

This is an aircraft pushback tractor, posted by tangozeroseven. It hauls jumbo jets around at the airport.

Redditor maritimebecky posted a shot of her cab, inside a tugboat in New York Harbor.

Broseidon2112 showed us the driver’s seat of a research ship in the Atlantic.

Once ships were included, they got bigger. Philobus works on the bridge of the Far Sagaris, a Class 2 Dynamic Positioning Marine Service Vessel.

The bar was raised when kupovi posted a picture of the interior of a fast attack submarine.

BobMaine posted a picture from 1968 of his C-130E somewhere over Vietnam. He is transporting entertainers on a USO tour.  

The mic dropped when redditor ColChrisHadfield posted a shot of the interior of his vehicle. See another pic here

Who could top that? How about redditor PeterMayhew. In case you don't recognize it, this is the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, on set without the CGI.

Did all this make the garbage truck driver feel insignificant? Not at all. He's proud of what he started and where it went.

You can see many of the cab shots, as well as bridges and cockpits, crossposted at r/cabshots.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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