Hilarious English Language T-Shirt Translation Fails Spotted In Asia

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English speakers wear t-shirts or get tattoos with Chinese or Japanese lettering even though they have no idea what the words actually say, and Asian companies likewise put English words on stuff to make it look cool.

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Shirts with funny stuff written on them create funny moments when someone who speaks both languages offers to tell the wearer what their shirt actually says, often resulting in a response of "whaa?!"

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However, some shirts have stuff written on them that doesn't seem like a mistranslation, and it's so close to right the whole statement somehow becomes even righter.

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There are also dozens of shirt designs posted online that look like an English speaker created them as a prank, with expletives and adult material printed on kids clothes.

But these two sweaters are subtly subversive, made to remind parents which of their kids is the good one.

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See 30+ English T-Shirt Translation Fails In Asia here (contains NSFW language)

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When I was in Japan, I found some absolutely stellar t-shirts that I wish I could've bought... elaborate and ornamental typography repeating the names of common medications, for example. But sadly, I am rather bigger than the average Japanese and none of them would have fit. I do have a tote bag that reads 'BARK BARK and BARK - Take away the cause and the effect will cease.' ...True, but curiously random. There was also a cat one (which I think I also have but can't find) and a pig one.
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For a few years I had a shirt with "kanji" on it and I always wondered what it said. Then I took an intensive Japanese class and realized... it said nothing at all. Just scribbly lines designed to look vaguely ethnic. Such a letdown.
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