This Is What The Residential Areas In The World's Largest Cities Look Like

(Tokyo- Image Link)

Megacities aren't just settings for sci-fi novels or places where Judges like Dredd enforce the law- they're massive cities like Tokyo, Delhi or Shanghai where more than 10 million people live in a space never meant to hold so many people.

(Seoul - Image Link)

And when the crowding gets crazy in the megacity builders start building straight up into the sky, erecting the massive buildings which will house millions.

(Hong Kong - Image Link)

It's not hard to find the residential centers in a major city, just head to the edge of town far from the tourist attractions and look for the hive of identical structures the tourism department doesn't want you to see.

(London - Image Link)

See Here's What The Residential Areas Of The World's Megacities Look Like here

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I was struck by the contrast between the orderly uniformity of East Asian residential blocks (Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo) and the chaos of Rio de Janeiro, Athens and Delhi.
Berlin, of course, is strictly orderly and uniform. Moscow is predictably run down.
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I love how not a single one of the images of 'London' are actually from London. I get that they're meant to be vaguely illustrative, but honestly, they really couldn't find any images of the London suburbs? *quickly googles* - there y'go:
- most suburban London houses have a small front garden and back garden - the ones I've linked to are your typical outer suburbs with 1930s semi-detatched and terraced houses with bay windows at the front, often radiating out from the expanded London Underground network. Inner suburbs are mostly Victorian but again most often feature bay windows, small front gardens, and are all brick, no stone houses.

There - more than possibly anyone ever wanted to know about dull suburban London houses...
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