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Hilarious Examples Of Political Correctness Gone Wrong

The concept of political correctness is something that should be used in moderation, but these days people are so worried about saying the wrong things or offending people they think PC is the only way to go.

However, the old expression “you can't please everyone” rings true (despite what the PC police say), so trying to be PC by turning Dennis the Menace into a polite young man is a plan destined for failure.

It's even more ridiculous to ban the Punch & Judy puppet show because it contains an "abusive relationship" and "inappropriate hitting"...

Yeah, we know, Punch & Judy have been beating up on each other for at least 350 years. Leave those puppets alone PC police!


But when the PC conformists set their minds to doing something stupid they do it, like changing the term “brainstorming” to “thought showers” so as not to offend epileptics, or calling a Spotted Dick a Spotted Richard to stop the lewd jokes. What a bunch of Richards!

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I dunno... I think into a childhood a little trauma must fall. I caught an episode of In Search Of when I was a kid, on the Amityville Horror, and since I thought ISO was all true at that age (it was hosted by a Vulcan, right? Vulcans never lie!) it left enough scars that I couldn't bear to watch the actual movie until I was like 25 (and am still vaguely unsettled by dolls). (At which point I felt really dumb.) And yet I was motivated to get over my fear of the scary and these days... I work in the Haunted Attraction industry. Watership Down would've been pretty tepid without those villains, too.
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When Richard Adams, the author of Watership Down, was a little boy, he saw a Punch and Judy puppet show. In it, Punch brutally murdered a baby. Adams fled in horror. He grew up but, he recollects in his memoir, "I still remained unable to deal with Mr Punch, in whatever guise he came."

Punch is the brutal monster looming in his fiction. General Woundwort and Genshed and masked versions of Punch.
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