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The Inverse Spy Flick

Tumblr user kehinki imagined a synopsis of a James Bond-type movie with the gender roles reversed. Other Tumblr users gladly added to the story until it was a full-blown treatment. A team of spies made up of diverse women battle super villains, also women, while the sole male character is only there because he’s sexy. Here’s one contribution.

In one scene, the lead villain captures the Strong Male Character. He is, once more, inexplicably shirtless as she ties him to the chair. He makes some quips about his sexual independence before he is rescued by a sweat-drenched Helen Mirren, who kicks down the door and nukes everyone in the room. Strong Male Character’s hair remains perfect throughout the ordeal.

Oh yeah, the Bond character is played by Helen Mirren, which means we must cast a 20-something male. Artist Jenna Amber was inspired to add the above illustration of the main characters. See a few more illustrations of the movie at Ambervisions (possibly NSFW). -via Metafilter

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Criminals are still people who can be hurt by the influence of others and you can start to get into how over half of the violent crime against women is from a spouse or relationship, which involves a lot more issues than just relative strength, etc. But that gets irrelevant to argue about a factor of 2 here and there, as you still end up with a large number of people in both categories, especially considering you have no idea which is more influenced by things like movies or even how big of an influence that is compared to much bigger problems. It seems asinine to me when extra qualifiers get placed on categories of bigger potential problems, and when there are other larger factors at play. Does it seem silly to say, "I wonder how many First Nations members are being hurt because of females in action movies?" if one considers how they have over twice the rate of sexual assault victims?

It is not that I don't think there are situations with huge disparities that become a problem specific to a particular subgroup. You could wonder about how many women are hurt because of how men are mislead about sex from pornography, and there is a huge disparity in male offenders and female victims in that case, and a disparity in the actual potential source. Although you're still dealing with the quagmire of the whole fantasy-vs-reality impact of media on people, which can often be quite tenuous compared to other problems.
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Overall victimization rates are only gender-equal because they fail to control for about 3X more men than women being involved in criminal activity, a career choice that greatly increases the chance of one becoming a victim. Adjusting for that would put women far ahead, and of course sexual assault victims are overwhelmingly female.
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Violent crime rates have comparable victim rates for men and women. While the distribution differs, both sexes have plenty of potential for extra trouble from unrealistic ideas stopping a physical threat. The keyword is "extra," since many of those situations are going to be pretty bad for the victim regardless of the victim's mindset.

And your quote leaves out the, "on a day-to-day basis." People's understanding of their physical abilities has far more impact with the possibility of hurting themselves from day-to-day chores and work activities than how they would behave in a violent crime scenario. People frequently hurt themselves regardless of how strong they are relative to other people, e.g. I've watched the strongest person at a company hurt themselves carrying too much, out of a macho mentality that certainly is interwoven in pop culture. Regardless of one sex on average being weaker than the other, all humans are ultimately weaker than machines and physics. That still matters in violent crime situations too, for any involving a weapon.
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There are no shortage of female dominated shows. The CW, Lifetime and Oxygen channels' entire line-up comes to mind. Daytime dramas and talk shows have long been a stronghold as well. Anybody complaining we need to get equal representation for men on The View?
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