What Will Happen to Jon Snow?

The season six premiere of Game of Thrones is tonight on HBO. Jon Snow is dead, but we know he won’t stay that way. Bringing someone back someone from the dead isn’t as unbelievable in Game of Thrones as it would be in other shows because there’s plenty of supernatural stuff going on in the series. Meaning, it won’t be as stupid as having the last season be a dream. While everyone associated with the show has confirmed that Jon Snow is really, really dead, George RR Martin has been quoted everywhere:

“If there’s one thing we know in A Song of Ice and Fire is that death is not necessarily permanent.”

So what will happen in season six? Fans are not ready to say goodbye to Jon Snow, but are speculating on how he will be resurrected. If you're reading this from the front page, scroll past the poll and hit "continue reading" to take a look into some of the theories, and then make your prediction. Possible spoilers, but only if you’re not current on the show and the news stories about it. The books are no help at this point.  

1. Melisandre saves Jon Snow. She’s got supernatural powers and she’s right there, so that was the earliest and easiest theory to latch onto.  

2. Jon Snow will warg into his direwolf Ghost. Other members of the Stark family are supposed to have the ability to warg, or inject their consciousness into another being. Specifically Bran, who inhabited Hodor on occasion -and is predicted to fly at some point, so we expect that’s how he will do it. Jon Snow being related, it’s possible his consciousness could escape his body for a time. But can they resurrect his body? Without a body, they wouldn’t need actor Kit Harington. Then again, he might inhabit another body that comes to look like Kit Harington.

3. Jon Snow's brother Bran saves him. Bran is the Stark who sees things at a distance and has the documented ability to warg. And it’s his face we see at the end of the season six teaser. He could have other powers we haven't been shown yet.

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4. A little further afield, one theory has Jon being saved by Theon Greyjoy’s death, arranged by Bran.

5. A new Red Priestress saves Jon Snow. There’s not a lot to go on, except that a there will be such a character in season six.

6. Jon Snow will become a White Walker. Or even the leader of the White Walkers. That will make it hard for him to win the Iron Throne, but weirder things have happened.

7. Jon Snow will be resurrected by fire. Rumor says that he is a Targaryen as well as a Stark, and cannot be killed by fire. Is it possible that he could be resurrected by his funeral pyre? That would be odd, but not past the realm of possibility for this show.

And another possibility -although this is horrible- the season six premiere episode tonight might not resolve the issue at all. HBO wouldn’t do that, would they?  

Update: Apparently, they did that. The waiting continues. 

How will Jon Snow live?

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