The Ancient Samurai Personality Test You Can Take By Making A Fist

Most personality tests require the participant to answer all kinds of questions in order to somewhat arbitrarily categorize them according to societal norms.

But these kinds of tests take too long to complete and are never truly tested for consistency, so you should find out what kind of person you are the Kobushi Shindan way- by making a fist.

Kobushi Shindan is a method samurai used to read people's personality types that translates to "fist analysis", defining who you are by how you make a fist.

If your thumb rests on your pointer finger when you make a fist then you're a strong leader who wants to feel needed by others and is fiercely loyal to your loved ones.

If your thumb rests on your middle finger then you're kind and sociable but scared to try new things and have a hard time starting relationships.

And if you tuck your thumb into your fingers when you make a fist then you're a sensitive introvert who hates conflict and therefore excels at having long relationships.

These are just brief snippets of what your fists says about you, but you can read more about Kobushi Shindan here

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Personally, I've never been in a fight or learned to fight.

The only reason I know about this little tidbit is because I was a regular viewer of the 1984 TV series, "Riptide."

One of the characters, Murray "Boz" Bozinsky (Thom Bray), a brilliant, but socially inept scientist and computer hacker, when defending himself in fights, would always end up with broken thumbs.
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"The Ancient Samurai Personality Test You Can Take By Making A Fist"

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