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Hotel Worker Horror Stories That Will Turn Your Stomach

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Working in the hospitality industry can be grueling, demeaning, and downright disgusting, but at least those who are exposed to humanity's gross side have some amazing stories to tell!

When I was a housekeeping supervisor, I got a call that sent me to the fourth floor, where I found a trail of poop leading from the elevators to the end of the hall. While a team of people were cleaning up the trail, an elderly woman walked out of the room where the poo trail ended, like everything was totally normal. The next day, the housekeeper called me crying because that lady’s bathtub was also filled to the brim with poop.


And no hospitality industry professionals have as many gross stories to tell as hotel workers, aka those who know all the gross things people do when you tell them to make themselves at home.

I was a housekeeper, and one day I went into a room after a guest checked out. It smelled a *little* funky, but I couldn’t find the source of the stench. I went to strip the bed, pulled the sheets back, and the bed was filled with coleslaw. COLESLAW! I had no idea why, and I do NOT want to know why!


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Hotel housekeepers have to clean up after their fellow human beings on a daily basis, which can cause them to start thinking of hotel guests as savage animals:

One time, while an older man was checking out, he handed my manager an extra $50 for the “inconvenience” — but didn’t go into detail. When housekeeping went to his room, there was blood everywhere: on the floors, the bathroom mirror, even the shower! We never figured out where it all came from. It legitimately looked like he murdered someone in there. We had to call the police and have a special hazmat cleaner come in.


The gross stories shared by members of the BuzzFeed Community who have worked in the hospitality industry will totally change the way you think of the phrase "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".

I was working room service and got a call 15 minutes before closing. My co-worker disappeared an hour before, so I had to take the food. I went to deliver it, and a man answered in a towel — which was kind of shocking, but nothing new. I set the tray down, and the bathroom door opened. Guess who it was? My co-worker, BUTT-ASS NAKED. I set the tray down and slowly backed out. No words.


Read 15 Horror Stories About Working IN Hotels That'll Make You Gag here (contains NSFW material)

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Some of these stories describe the culprits as 'regulars' in their hotels. Why are they not banned? If the hotel is part of a chain, the customer should be banned from the entire chain. The bodily excretions alone are a major health hazard, not just to the housekeeping staff, but to other guests and to future guests, unless the room is washed down with bleach and the textiles discarded. No amount of 'deep cleaning' by a regular housekeeping crew can be enough.

Just one monstrous guest with norovirus can create a regional epidemic.
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