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What Is the Most Ridiculous Thing Someone You Know Does for a Living?

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Redditor CharlieSnow poses this question and the good people of reddit show up with some preposterous and/or awesome jobs.

The dangerously named DrWhoIsOverRated says:

My brother in law is a professional jouster. He works for a company that travels to renaissance fairs, and he owns his own custom suit of armor.

Tinferbrains has a job for those of you who enjoy a good nap:

My uncle used to work in a psych ward as a security guy. He did the overnights, his supervisor told him "Sleep your shift away. If something happens that wakes you up, get me ASAP."

He basically got paid to sleep for 8 hours.

TriBeCa917 explains how modern banking works:

I work at an investment bank and we have a VP without a college degree..a couple of my buddies hired him as an analyst solely because he was a drug dealer and they wanted to be able to purchase drugs conveniently at work. We didn't expect him to actually do anything, but he slowly learned how to do everything and actually ended up getting promoted to VP by one of the senior directors. We all think it's hilarious

Unenthused_Tech worked in an uncommon archive:

I used to have a job where I would scan [breasts] into a computer all day everyday. Digitizing a mammography film storage library.

I once met a cruise ship librarian, which sounds a lot more fun that it actually was. And I knew a woman whose job in a biology lab was to stimulate male rats with a steel loop until they ejaculated.

What's the most ridiculous job that you've ever seen someone do for a living?

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I run a makerspace, which is basically being a professional hobbyist and people pay me to help them with their various projects. If they don't have a project, we think of something interesting together.
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I was city hall mailroom clerk in a small midwestern city. About 90% of my job was signing for packages from animal control. They were almost always rabies specimens, which included dead bats, or the heads of dogs or cats. The specimins always in a cardboard box, but there were stickers on the outside saying, "Rabies - danger blah blah", and what animal. There was a small dorm fridge that I got to place these in until someone would stop by with a cooler for pickup. (Sidenote: I managed to get fired from this job on 9/12/2001 for showing up late twice. I joined the air force the same day.)
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I once had a job where I would go to a movie theater on a movie's opening day, hand out little pencils and rating cards to the audience before it started, and then collect them when the movie was over. In between those 2 tasks, I had nothing else to do, so I would just go in and watch the movie.
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