Tourist Shares The "Illegal" Photos He Smuggled Out Of North Korea

It's mighty hard to get an internet signal in North Korea, and the government tries to control all information shared online, which means posting pics can make you an enemy of the state.

So any intrepid travelers who want to visit North Korea and go home with photos taken inside the country must either find a way to smuggle them out or become friends with Dennis Rodman.

Michal Huniewicz shot some amazing and insightful photos during his visit to North Korea, and even though the tour guide told him he'd likely have them taken away he managed to make it out of the country with all of his pics.

Michal's bystander images reveal some dark things about North Korea, like the constant military presence in Pyongyang, grocery stores with barren shelves, and massive city centers where the people aren't allowed to go.

But his images also show us moments of vibrant life within the capital city, as people crowd the city streets during the day and carry on like nothing's wrong with the country they're forced to call home.

-Via Amazyble

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"- Living in a distopian world is everyday reality for 25 million people...."
This is something that doesn't really register with me often. We have dystopian fantasy movies here all the time, but we have no idea what it's like in real life.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee wrote an editorial in the New York Times entitled "Please Cancel Your Vacation to North Korea", in which she says that "there is a warping effect that being an American gives you". We really don't know what it can be like to be under the watchful eye of a truly totalitarian state.
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Plenty of thoughts..
- This guy is not going back to N Korea
- I need to go there to shed some weight and take the N Korean thin look
- Wow : "wondering whether we could trust one another"
- Living in a distopian world is everyday reality for 25 million people....
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