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People Will Eat You Up When You Wear One Of These Funny Food Themed T-Shirts

Food- it's a unifying factor among all human beings, and whether you're a Paleo Freegan or a proudly omnivorous Foodie the food you eat is a big part of your life.

People who like food, meaning pretty much everyone, will love the fun, and downright funny, food themed t-shirts sold in the NeatoShop, home of the highest quality and tastiest designs in the biz!

Funky foodies love to wear hilarious tees featuring food puns

Danny Dorito by Inner Coma Clothing Co.

Vegetarians with strict diets like to get in on the food pun fun too

Veggie Armageddon by DeepFriedArt

And if our pets could wear a shirt dedicated to their favorite food they totally would too

Cats Love Food by PolySciGuy

Although their animalistic sense of taste might offend our delicate human sensibilities

Catwich by Albyletoy

The more obsessed with food you become

Cookie Moon by Fathi

The less anything to do with food disturbs you

Delicious Revenge by Alex Boake Illustration

Because hot dogs may be full of lips and other assorted pig parts but they're still crazy good!

Crazy Frank by Artistic Dyslexia

Some folks will become Vegan when they find out "how the sausages are made"

Vegan by Bohsky

But most meat lovers just go on chowing down on that delicious protein treat

Wall-Meat by Capitan Tanaka

Because a cheeseburger just isn't the same without beef patties and some bacon


And no meat means missing out on the most delicious kinds of sushi

Sushi Dragon Shen Long by MELONSETA

A taco without meat doesn't taste quite as amazing either

Taco Time by Mykel AD

And people who are passionate about tacos don't get down with the veggie variety

Dead Beauty by daletheskater

We've established that meat is a magical form of food

Nerds Guide To Unicorn Meat by Manikx

But vegetarians and vegans can eat lots of fun foods too

Dictator Tots by Monsterobots

Like sweet slices of toast slathered in jam

Sweet Lovers by AnishaCreations

And all kinds of potatoes, which taste fantastic when plucked fresh from the ground

Gamgee's Famous Po-Ta-Toes by Legendary Phoenix

Donuts aren't exactly healthy but they're delicious and everyone can eat them

Donut Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Fishbiscuit

And even most vegetarians love the mighty amazing flavor of cheese

KNIGHT by Alexander Medvedev

Take some cheese, toppings, sauce and dough and you've got a pizza pie

Pixel Pizza by Sombras Blancas Art & Design

And everyone in the universe agrees- pizza is incredibly delicious!

Delicious by Hillary White

Life's too short to starve yourself, so dig in and devour whatever far out food you like

It's A Trap RED by Cuckoo Art Design

Diet when you must, but bravely burger the rest of the time

Diet Soda by Naolito

And don't get all holier than thou with your diet, because plants bleed and feel pain too

Sweet Tree Blood by SteveOramA

So just accept that food is all good and enjoy all the flavors of a delicious life!


If you're hungry for some geeky new flavor in your life then head to the NeatoShop and add a tasty new tee or hoodie to your wardrobe, with styles so fresh you're sure to eat them all up!

The NeatoShop is home to thousands of designs, so there's sure to be something you'll dig, and every sale benefits the artists who create these awesome designs, so satisfy your appetite for fun tees at the NeatoShop today!

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