Vintage Snapshots, All with the Same Creepy Shadow

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men? The Shadow knows. The Shadow, or the Predator, as he is called here, lingered for decades, lurking through snapshots, fashion shoots, and portraits taken on the streets of both cities and small towns. And he never changed, until he just disappeared in the 1970s. These many photos have become a project for art collector Jean-Marie Donat.

By assembling his findings in the book Predator, Donat stitches together a narrative from disparate events, makes one antagonist of many ordinary persons. The obsession inherent act of collecting extends to from Donat and into the shadow in the pictures; they are two characters, separated by time yet bound by the hunt.

Here, Predator is both fictional and manifest, phantom and embodied. He is stand-in for all photographers and collectors and indeed anyone who becomes consumed and preoccupied with memories. We know him intimately, and yet he remains unnamed. He is a grim reaper of sorts, fixing his mortal subjects in a single place and a single time forevermore.

Or he's the photographer, making sure the sun shines on his subject, while he shoots a picture with a twin-lens reflex camera, while wearing his hat. But that isn't quite as much fun. See eleven of the photos featuring the Predator at Feature Shoot. (via Metafilter)

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"Vintage Snapshots, All with the Same Creepy Shadow"

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