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Four Legitimate Flaws in The Godfather

Not often do we get a critique of a 44-year-old film, but rarely do we see a movie like The Godfather. And it doesn’t even seem like an old movie. Maybe it’s the timeless conflict of greed vs. loyalty. Maybe it’s the rich cinematography. Anyway, Paul Tassi recently watched The Godfather again, and noticed a few things -just a very few- that don’t make sense, and wonders if you noticed them, too. Like how the movie ended.

I’m not saying I don’t get the idea behind the mass hit. Murder everyone who means you harm, or probably means you harm, seems like a good plan. But what about the rest of families? Don’t each of these guys who were killed have a son or two who want to avenge them like Michael is doing for his family? Isn’t killing the dons just like bashing a hornets’ nest with a baseball bat?

In that case, what appears to be a flaw gave us sequels. However, they didn’t know in 1972 that there would be sequels. In that era, it rarely happened and plots weren’t written around setting up possible sequels, the way they are now. So was it as nonsensical to you? Read more about the ending, and the other flaws in The Godfather at TVOM.

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Here's something I never hear mentioned (though it is an element of the film I and millions around the world LOVE):
When the Don warns Michael that the family member who approaches him about a meeting with Barzini will be "the traitor."
Excuse me--is the Don psychic? Yeah, he's smart, he's wise to the ways of the (under-) mean to tell me there is NO scenario where an old and trusted confidant could simply have been the person Barzini decided to approach, and whom Barzini may have even tried to corrupt--but, ultimately, unsuccessfully?!
And that now, on the basis of some dubious Old World wisdom, one of his oldest friends is going to be led to his execution...?

And yeah, you blew it, Tessio, when you essentially 'fessed up when confronted; you shoulda hung tough! Maybe you shoulda said Barzini's offer was tempting--yes, you admit it!--but you would NEVER have betrayed the Don! Maybe you shoulda ranted and raved and cried like a pissed off, hurt, and horribly wronged longtime confidant would!
Let's say you had! What's Tom going to come back with?
"Yeah, gotcha, Tess, good point. But my father had a thing for cool-sounding Mafia truisms (and, as you know, Michael ate that shit up like cannoli). So screw the fact that there's no evidence against you other than my father's clairvoyance (which, by the way, didn't keep him from getting shot)---you're going to die!"
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