Cadbury Creme Eggs Restaurant Opens

(Images: Cadbury Creme Egg)

What animal lays the Cadbury creme egg? I don't want to know. I am satisfied that it is a wonderful animal.

You can do anything with a Cadbury creme egg, including deep frying it, making a Scotch egg, a toad-in-a-hole, or eggs Benedict. It's Nature's perfect food, so I'm glad that Cadbury has chosen to open a restaurant in London that serves it in everything.

The Evening Standard described the project in January:

The ground floor is designed for those busy egg-ophiles who are short on time, and will serve Creme Egg toasties to go. Yes, you read right, that’s: Creme. Egg. Toasties. They’ll sell for just £2 a pop.

Up on the first floor there’ll be more of a restaurant vibe, with four Creme Egg dishes on offer to eat in. As well as the toasties, these will include: egg and soldiers, Creme Egg tray bake, and strawberries and creme (egg).

All dishes on the first floor will cost £4, which we'd say is well worth shelling out for the novelty alone. Tea, coffee and water will be available — no Creme Egg cocktails, alas.

On the second floor there will be an interactive ball pool — which, as far as we’re aware, won’t contain any actual Creme Eggs. It's a good opportunity for adults to splash around in a ball pool without scaring little kids and alarming their parents, though.

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Here's a dirty little secret that Hershey's doesn't want you to know. Cadbury's has done so much damage to it's name by selling off to Hershey's. That company (Hershey's) is ravenous and, IMO, evil. They will (and have already done so) alter the ingredients in Cadbury's outstanding, superb, excellent chocolate. Now Hershey's will chip away at the original ingredients and make their new chocolate just as poor as Hershey's chocolate became after Hershey's son took over the company.
For those unaware of what happened... Old man Hershey (the man who made these marvelous chocolate bars) needed to retire. He let his son take control under the proviso that the ORIGINAL RECIPE for Hershey's chocolate bars could not be altered until after Mr Hershey had expired. Sure enough, the man was hardly cold in his grave before junior altered the recipe so it would and could use cheaper, inferior ingredients than before. That's why Hershey kisses don't taste the same! That's why Hershey bars aren't quite like you remember! Now Cadbury's chocolate won't taste the same, too. In England, Cadbury used a specific brand of cows that made their milk distinctive to taste. It gave their chocolate a certain special flavor. Not any more. Say goodbye to Cadbury's chocolate that you used to love unless you still live in the UK.
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