The Origins Of Fifteen Strange Southern Dish Names

Southern food is known for being extremely filling, utterly delicious and often strangely named, with some of the names making a delicious dish actually sound disgusting.

Take chit'lins for example- sounds gross, tastes great, but who would think to draw a connection between this dish and Medieval England?

Chitterlings (deep fried pork intestines) date back to at least the 1400s, and while the dish comes from England it's rarely eaten there today.

Livermush is a surprisingly good mélange made of pork liver, head meat and cornmeal that's fried up and served in a sandwich or with some eggs and potatoes.

It sounds a bit like something you'd wipe off your shoe after a trip to the slaughter house, but in this case the transparency is like meatloaf- a description of what goes into the dish.

And before you get too creeped out to read on please note- there are no puppies used in the making of hush puppies.

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