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Hilarious Satirical Video Lampooning Die-Hard Trump Fans

It's beginning to look a lot like a presidential election year here in the United States, and yet most voters still don't know which way they're leaning since the presidential hopefuls don't fill us with much hope.

The Public Integrity Alliance of Arizona, one of the most conservative Republican groups in America, wants to help us make up our minds by eliminating one candidate from the ballot- Donald Trump.

They see Trump's plans to "Make America Great Again" as a mockery of what America really needs, so they created this viciously satirical video showing what's wrong with those who see Trump's plans as progressive.

(YouTube Link)

Comedian Brian Nissen plays "Dwain" the ultimate Trump supporter in the video, and even though Trump fans should see the video as insulting they actually seem to like it, proving we've shifted over to Bizarro World after all.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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unknown error, if everything we posted had to be "representative" of Neatorama, we'd have no variety at all. This video is interesting because, although the producers were trying to make fun of Trump supporters, the supporters rather liked it. If you have a suggestion for a post about "the other side" that would be as funny or interesting, we'd like to hear about it.
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did this hurt your feelings? if the shoe fits, wear it dude. nobody pops out of the womb a redneck, you have to earn that. if you have earned it, you deserve ridicule. or do you think that racism, sexism, and xenophobia are things to be proud of?
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After reviewing the breadth of your content I noticed you failed to draw the same parallels (via content inclusion) with the typical OBAMA-nite and their fervor regarding race/pay/entitlement/gender/religion issues or lamenting on the "Change" and "Hope" lies that have manifested these many years.

More specifically if the race and party affiliation was swapped would you be so inclined to post the same type of material and hoist it as a banner before the "Netorama" brand?

I think not as you have none, zip zero, na-da, truly if you fail to see not only the hypocrisy but also the inherent bias and racism your blind.

So is it white 'Males" you dislike and see as a joke or the Caucasian race, or is it just those that live at a lower latitude? Or wait is it just those that follow a particular personality based on the "promise" of a change from the new norm of lies or is there a metric via which you see the current manifestation of leadership as successful, worthy of merit?

Please Netorama shower us with your divine insight as to why this particular bit of satire is representative of "Netorama" yet nothing that features the opposing party/race/gender/latitudinal position is present.
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