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Pictures That Prove We're Living In The Future

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We may not be living in the personal jet packs and flying cars future sci-fi made us dream about, but our 21st century world is pretty futuristic.

Or maybe we should start referring to the the world we live in , and the tech we've integrated into our lives, as modernistic, because the future is now.

We've got prosthetic hands that can be 3D printed and built in less than 48 hours, hundreds of gigabytes of memory in our tiny SD cards, and one little smartphone replaced eight different devices.

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And speaking of that most futuristic form of reproduction 3D printing we can now use a pen to "print" a 3D "drawing", we can print out chocolate in any shape we want, and we can create the ultimate birthing memento- a 3D print of your unborn child.

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If that ain't futuristic I don't know what is!

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My mother had a heart valve replaced in the late '70s. It involved open heart surgery, so she was on a heart-lung machine while the surgeons cut her chest apart, sawed through her ribcage, cut open her heart and replaced the valve. It was brutal, but she lived long enough to out-live her heart surgeon. It was amazing.
My mother in law had her heart's aortic valve replaced three weeks ago. They threaded a long catheter through a vein in her leg that was pushed all the way into her heart. With a miracle of origami, the capsule on the end of the catheter was opened up inside her beating heart to displace the damaged valve and clamp onto the sides of the opening in one action. She was in the hospital overnight, and the next day we drove 230 miles back home from the hospital. She's watching TV in the living room.
To think that I should have lived to see such wonders . . .
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"Pictures That Prove We're Living In The Future"

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