Five Strangely Specific Things We All Try To Do When We're Sick

Being sick totally sucks, and yet we know winter is coming each and every year, bringing a new batch of sickness with it.

Get sick enough times in your life and you know exactly what to expect- fever, chills, tons of snot, coughing fits, some body aches, maybe even a little vomiting...or a lot of vomiting.

We also know all the normal human things we suck at when we're sick, like watching TV when we can't follow the storyline, going to the store to get medicine we could've ordered online, and drinking a little booze to "burn the cold out of our heads".

That one feels like it really works while we're buzzed, then we wake up sicker than before.

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back when I was a soda-holic, I rarely if ever got sick

of course I was spitting like a camel for weeks jejeje

but more often then not found if you can get rid of the phlem you won't get sick
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Order medicine online? It would take a week to arrive! Half of us live in places you can't get immediate delivery. Of anything. Even if I asked someone IN MY HOUSE to go get me medicine, it would be tomorrow before it happens.
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