10 Legendary Mysteries Involving The Knights Templar

About a year ago, we told you the story of the Knights Templar. They disappeared into the mists of history, leaving many questions unanswered. Seven hundred years later, we still don’t know what became of them and the loot they supposedly got away with. And there are questions even stranger that remain.

What Was The Head Of The Templars?

According to accusations, the Templars had an idol in their possession, a head. While most Templars denied knowing anything about the worship of a head, William of Arreblay claimed to have seen a ceremony in Paris where a silver head sat on an altar at the center of adoration. It was supposedly the head of Saint Ursula—the saint and her 11,000 virgins were reported to have remained faithful in the face of death and torture and were venerated by the Templars for it.

If that’s not unsettling enough, he also stated that the head had two faces. Other descriptions of the head were interpreted as being the head of Baphomet, while others said it was either wood, black and white, or metal.

There is some evidence to back that one up- a description of a silver skull, and the known tendency of the Templars to keep relics of saints. While some of these unanswered questions are holes in the historical accounts, others involve rumors and ghost stories. Read about them at Listverse, and give some thought to the muddy distinction between incomplete history and complete fantasy.  -via the Presurfer

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