The Cat’s Second Home

Redditor goldenstate30 said his girlfriend’s cat Nala came home with a note attached to her. The cat was called both a “grief whisperer” and a “baloney whore.” Then people started telling stories about their cats who befriended other households, with both good and bad results. 


I moved into my husband's house when we were married seven years ago. His neighbor came by one day about a year later to let us know she was putting her house up for sale. But that we should know that she had been letting my cat, Jamocha, into her home daily to keep her company. She was worried she might do this to the new neighbors and they might not be tolerant of this behavior.

Fast forward three months. New neighbors move in. They've been warned about Jamocha. Apparently, this warning had the opposite effect as they started letting him in and feeding him. He would sit on their couch with them and watch TV. They posted pictures on Facebook of my cat snuggling with their child. Now, this is the most anti-social cat I've ever known. He was found feral and was IMPOSSIBLE to keep inside. We gave up when people started telling us how the rodent population had noticeably declined. But the only time the cat accepted any affection from us was when he was being fed or in the wee hours of the night. Yet here he is with this two year old being completely hugged and slobbered over.

Last year, these neighbors moved out. We walked over to the house to warn the new neighbors about Jamocha. They open the door and who comes out? That's right; my cat. They love him. Their two toddlers love him. They don't want pets of their own, so Jamocha is an answer to their prayers.

So, yeah, my cat is a whore.


I used to let my cat outside until one day he came back with a new collar. Then I didn't let him outside anymore. Photos around our neighborhood appeared saying "Lost Cat Reward If Found".

It was our cat, we had photos of bringing her home from the shelter! But still these posters of her appeared everywhere until we eventually contacted the posters explaining the situation. They where very upset, insisting it was their cat. The only thing that made them realize it wasn't their cat was the microchip. Even then, we felt terrible but eventually we both learned that the cat is happy wandering outside. The cat likes more than one home and that's okay! Now we share the cat. (Legally we own it though you stupid neighbors)


I had a similar situation happen to me when I was a child. A cat that lived three houses away decided he liked me better than the teenage boy who originally owned him. At first it was just visits every day; then he was there day and night, and only visiting his original home on weekends (ETA - My dad was home on weekends and I think Gato and my dad initially didn't like each other); eventually he just sort of moved in. Both parties and both sets of parents were fully aware of the situation, and no one minded. When Gato died, I went to my neighbor's house to break the news to him, as it felt like the right thing to do. It was very awkward and strange to have the owner of the cat that I had "stolen" comforting me while I cried in his living room.

There are still more stories of cats who cheated on their owners in the reddit thread.

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