Slow Motion Video Of Katana Slicing Through An Egg

Katanas are forged to have the hardest, and therefore keenest, edge of all swords, and they can slice through objects few other swords can, like tree trunks and machine gun barrels.

So what challenge can an egg possibly present to the sharpest of all swords? The challenge of cutting the egg's delicate shell in half rather than cracking it into a million pieces.

(YouTube Link)

The Crazy Russian Hacker teamed up with YouTube channel Zombie Go Boom to shot this slow motion footage of a katana slicing through raw eggs like butter, do with this footage what you will!

-Via Laughing Squid

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So are you saying these videos are fake?

Also, are you advertising that martial arts school? Just wondering what that has to do with your comment.

I think the proof is in the videos, and since there are a bunch of real videos on YouTube of people cutting down trees with a katana that point really can't be argued.

The steel pipe in the second video isn't exactly a machine gun barrel, but it seems close enough to me to validate what I said in the article.
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Just for the hell of it, I tried this with a kitchen knife. Got a cut even cleaner than theirs. No slomo video, however. (Global, in case anyone cares.)
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