Man Gets Star Wars Toy for Christmas -30 Years Later

Good things come to those who wait, sometimes even when you aren't aware of hte wait! Redditor OMGparty got a particularly awesome toy for Christmas this year. See, in 1981 or ’82, he was a little boy who loved Star wars action figures. His mother bought him one for Christmas that was overlooked in the wrapping process when it was hidden in a drawer. I’ve done that before. When she found it later, she decided to hold onto it and give it to him at an appropriate time. One thing led to another, and before you know it, it’s 2015. It was time.

The X-Wing fighter pilot Luke is one of a series of Star Wars action figures produced by the Kenner toy company between 1978–1985. Fans refer to this as "the vintage line." The X-Wing version of Luke originally debuted with Kenner's X-Wing model before getting his own box and costume in 1979. As action figures go, this one is pretty iconic.

Since OMGparty's gift is still in its original packaging, known as a 20/21 back card, it's considerably more valuable as a collector's item than any of the millions of similar X-wing pilot Lukes that have been taken out and played with. (In collectors' jargon, these toys are "loose.") And since it features a special promotion for Return of the Jedi, it could easily be worth several hundred dollars.

The package still has the original price tag from Kmart. It was $2.50. OMGparty isn’t planning to sell it -it’s too special after his mother held onto it for three decades for him. Read the whole story at The Daily Dot. See more pictures at imgur.

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I got it to work. It's a problem with one of my browser extensions (https-everywhere) forcing SSL connections when the does not have a valid cert, and it's causing the 404's everywhere. I should've troubleshooted the problem.
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What the heck's wrong with the Daily Dot? The SSL certificate has expired, and almost all pages are 404-ing. The only thing that works is the main page.
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