Package Thief Caught Red-Handed By Shirtless Neighbor

Stealing packages is one of the stupidest crimes you can commit, because you have no idea if the item you're stealing is valuable. And yet every year dumb criminals risk spending the Christmas season in jail for an blind but easy score.

Those who consider doing the crime had better consider that before they are made to do the time by local law enforcement they may also be subject to public humiliation at the hands of a large, shirtless man. (Video contains NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

This video was shot in Spokane, Washington, but there are shirtless men serving as neighborhood watch Block Captains all across the country, all of whom started out as a guy who had a shirt they ordered stolen off their doorstep.

-Via Reddit

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"Go get a gun ... go get your shotgun"

I'm glad a naked fat guy prevented a misdemeanor and all, but in this crazy post-Zimmerman era of ours, maybe "neighborhood watch" and guns aren't such the ideal combination we all used to believe they were deep in our hearts. You are helping the police, but you are not the actual police, mmm k, Paul Blart?
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I'm shocked that Neatorama is reposting/endorsing this video. The language used isn't merely NSFW - it's homophobic and violent. I don't think this guy should be lauded as a hero, even if he did catch a thief.
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"Package Thief Caught Red-Handed By Shirtless Neighbor"

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