What Certain Cities Could Look Like as a Result of Climate Change

London, after 4 degrees Celsius of warming

Today is the final day of the international climate change conference in Paris, where experts and government representatives from all over the globe have convened to discuss the issue and decide what they are willing to do about it as a group.

Many experts predict parts of cities worldwide becoming submerged underwater, as a result of melting glaciers and ice caps. The linked Esquire article illustrates such a scenario, with striking images showing some of the world's most iconic structures half drowning or completely under. The option to see satellite images of the highlighted areas is also included.

Above and below are two examples; see all of the images here.

Durban, South Africa after 2 degrees Celsius of warming

Durban, South Africa after 4 degrees Celsius of warming

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If you're going to hit so many of the most common fallacies and fallacious, trite sound bites, while claiming to be well studied and above tripe, others are going to assume you are using a trolling checklist.

I find your anti-America spin particularly amusing, as it likely runs counter to most people's experience when traveling. Having been to science conferences both in the US and elsewhere, there is a huge difference with vastly more emotional response against climate change research in the US (both from a subset of the scientists at the conference and the public I've meet outside the conferences). On the other hand, there have been enlightening discussions of issues and criticisms of the details of specific climate models, but involving people who don't get basic physics wrong. But those discussions run completely orthogonal to the criticisms seen on TV, newspapers, most websites, and comments similar to yours (and lacking the supercharged emotions and loaded absolute statements).

I also find it funny how often people champion a cause by talking about how much people on the other side just regurgitate what they've heard elsewhere. Except plenty of people everywhere, on both sides of almost all issues, will repeat things with varying lack of critical thought. The existence of such people is irrelevant to what side is actually correct for most such issues.
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Climate change, so terrible Antarctica is gaining ice, according to NASA. NASA must be filled now with terrible. terrible right wingers and reactionaries.. how dare they to use science....
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@Miss Cellania - Denial - the action of declaring something to be untrue, is exactly what you are under when you subscribe fear and doom to a process that has been going on since the manifestation of this planet.

There has been dramatically broader and dramatically greater temperature swings prior to man. Hundreds of degrees +/- over the span of this planets history- long before man stood upright.... I am sure the SUV's and Coal Plants back in the Triassic / Cretaceous (60+ Million years) were a significant contributing factor.

So we can NOT accurately predict a days weather with even the most modern facilities, we can however be assured all the false predictions aside (EVERY ONE OF THEM SINCE THE 70's) that the boggie-man is gonna steal our ice caps and raise the sea, levels, and blah..blah..blah...

In parting prove me wrong show me one model one prediction that has manifested as predicted validating "GLOBAL-BOOGIE-MAN" and I will fall in line. As int stands now I can show you HUNDREDS of false false prophecies, h@ll watch your lauded "An Inconvenient Truth"??? for a good laugh.

You wont and one day, thankfully we can all look back on this type of tripe and look those like you square in the eyes and say... Really? Wow.
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