Fun Names for Fungi

If you need a name for a metal band, you could do worse than to consult the British Mycological Society’s list of Recommended English Names for Fungi. There have been over 100,000 species of fungi described and named by scientists, and plenty more that have yet to be studied. Among them are some memorable common names to go along with their taxonomic names.  

Humpback Inkcap
Splitpea Shanklet
Bug Sputnik
Drumstick Truffleclub
Hairy Parachute
Seablight Microdot
Redleg Jellybaby
Weeping Toothcrust
Cramp Balls
Saxifrage Smut
Slimy Earthtongue
Salmon Salad
Sweet Poisonpie
Scurfy Deceiver
Ugly Milkcap
Hairy Nuts Disco
Sordid Blewit
Egghead Mottlegill
Bastard-toadflax Rust
Yellowing Curtain Crust
Gassy Knight

I had to stop collecting funny names because there are too many. I was scrolling pretty fast before I was even halfway through the alphabet. Shown above is the Drumstick Truffleclub (Elaphocordyceps capitata). -via Not Exactly Rocket Science

(Image credit: Andreas Kunze)

(Images generated at Flaming Text)

(Images generated by Cool Text)

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