5 Kids Movies With Plots Inspired By Their R-Rated Relatives

Filmmakers are always trying to prove that they can make a kid appropriate movie that parents will enjoy as well, and flicks like The Incredibles and Wreck-It Ralph have come pretty darn close.

But these PG movies have something else in common besides their rating- their plots are incredibly similar to some R-rated films.

The Incredibles was heavily influenced by Alan Moore's graphic novel masterpiece The Watchmen, a connection posited by Baltimore Sun writer Michael Sragrow back in 2009 that seems pretty obvious in retrospect.

But would you believe parallels can be drawn between Wreck-It Ralph and Taxi Driver?

It's easy to dismiss these theories as nothing more than a case of every story influencing every other story, but the parallels extend beyond the plot to the very camera shots, story arc and dialog, making them mighty hard to ignore.

See 5 Movies For Kids That Stole Their Plot From Adult Movies here (contains NSFW language)

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"5 Kids Movies With Plots Inspired By Their R-Rated Relatives"

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