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Complete Your Killer Look With These 30 Slasher Movie Inspired T-Shirts

Slashers are the crazed killers who give us nightmares and dwell in their own horror movie subgenre, and they're some of the most iconic characters in horror movie history despite their gruesome appearances.

Whether you're a fan of Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Leatherface or can't decide which slasher you like best the NeatoShop is your one stop shop for something scary good to wear!

They are the freaky faces of horror

Bloody Lil Horrors (Multicolor) by Prime Premne

From the classic killers who scared us as a kid

Game Over by Brandon Wilhelm ART

To the modern horror movie murderers who prove slashers are timeless

Sam II by Chip Skelton

Every slasher has a unique sense of style

Horror League (Ver. 2) by Andriu

And a unique method of killing characters

Bubba's Burger by Buby87

From the straightforward head chop

Friday the Toon Teenth by Spicy Donut

To the extremely stylized death via bad dream

Nightmare by Theduc

It doesn't matter how they bag their prey


Because we're gonna keep on tunin' in to see them slash their way to the top!

The Maniacs by Ddjvigo

Slashers are more than just killers

The Freddy And Jason Show by Poopsmoothie

They're artists who love to paint the town red

Ruggsville Red by SilverBaX

And masters of surprise

Halloween Lucky Cat by Demonigote

Some slashers are nature lovers

Tree Hugger by SteveOramA

And they almost all do their best work at night

Elm Street Lullaby by Spicy Donut

But above all slashers are simply terrifying to behold!

The Shape by Chip Skelton

Some slashers are actually on the side of good

Kill Dead by Patrol

But those aren't the kind of slashers that keep us awake at night

Nightmare On Sesame Street by Dooomcat

And since slashers are such an iconic breed of killer

Sons Of Voorhees by Benares

You'd think they'd all be best friends

Fiends by Ed Harrington

Or at least a group of graduates from the same school of slashing

HellSchool Yearbook by Saqman

But slashers are so ornery and foul tempered

A Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace by MELONSETA

They don't even get along with each other

Jason's Nightmare by JayHai

And, except for the ones wearing clown white, they don't really spend much time together

More Maniac Clowns by B4DW0LF

They don't like to share their weapons

Coat Of Harms by Wolf Krusemark

Or their killing grounds

Welcome To Camp by ArtOfCoreyCourts

Because each slasher is made with a different murderous motive in mind

Nightmare On The Bookcase Aisle by Ed Harrington

They're all into different, yet equally awful, things

I Heart Pain by BazNet

And yet they're all timeless terrors

PG13: 8Bit Nightmare by Playful Gorilla

Transitioning easily from era to era

Thirteen by DrLupo

And continuing to make horror fans hungry for more!

Chucky Charms by Mephias

Horror movie fans are always looking for a ghoulishly good way to show love for their favorite movie killers, and now they can find every slasher tee they'll ever need in the NeatoShop!

The NeatoShop is home to thousands of scary good designs, from the cute and cuddly to the happily horrifying, and NeatoShop prints are the greatest in the biz at an equally great price!

With Halloween right around the corner it's the perfect time to complete your killer wardrobe with a slasher themed t-shirt, so head to the NeatoShop and scare up some geeky style today!

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