Ten Life Forms That Would Survive A Nuclear War

Visual media has played out all sorts of different post apocalyptic scenarios, from the fantasy zombie kind to the down and dirty nuclear annihilation doomsday, and somehow humans always manage to survive.

But where humans would be dealing with radiation sickness some creatures would hardly even notice the effects of a nuclear war, proving they deserve to be called a survivor.

We've all heard the theory that cockroaches would survive a nuclear blast because they can withstand more radiation than humans, but did you know the fruit fly is even more of a survivor than the roach?

According to Mythbusters only ten percent of roaches would survive a 10,000 rad bomb blast (Hiroshima level), but the common fruit fly can handle up to 64,000 rads thanks to their slow cell division and extremely fast reproduction. That means fruit flies are pesky and persistent!

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Roaches are a just a prolific pest. Even if most of them survive, without humans to keep their natural predators away, and provide them food and warm shelters, their numbers will fall to almost-nothing in short order.

No doubt humans will survive... Even if the planet is uninhabitable for all other mammals, we can terraform it, build greenhouses for crops, filter contaminants from the air, concentrate or even generate artificial sunlight, etc. Nothing else can take its survival to those lengths, though we'll surely drag several other species along with us.
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