The Wrong Way to Kill a Spider

This guy was gassing up his car in Center Line, Michigan, when he saw a spider. He wanted to kill it. The first weapon he thought of was his lighter. Imagine what happened then.

(YouTube link)

The gas station clerk immediately hit the pump cutoff button and called the fire department. The guy who started it all (whose name has not been released) grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames. It could have been so much worse. Strangely, the only thing destroyed in the fire was the gas pump. The car was barely touched, and no one was injured. -via Arbroath

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Looks reasonable to me. I mean - hey - spiders man. Narsty.

(actually I'm fine with spiders - we have several "pet" spids in the garden which the kids feed with wasps and crane-flies)
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This also happened in Michigan back in 1972. A friend pumped gas at a gas station. Some guy pulls up in his car, rolls down the window and tells my friend to fill the tank. He then throws out a lit cigarette onto the ground. My friend picked it up and tossed it back into the guy's lap. The guy yells "Hey, Man! Whatta trying to do, burn me?" My friend replies: "Hey, Man! Whatta you trying to do, blow us up?"
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