He Blinded Me With 30 Super Awesome Science Themed T-Shirts!

Just because you're a scientifically minded individual doesn't mean you can't have some fun with your wardrobe. Whether you're getting dressed to go out on the town or getting ready to do some research in the lab you can't beat the look and comfort of a NeatoShop t-shirt!

In the NeatoShop you'll find thousands of designs, including an entire Science T-Shirt category so you can keep your style totally scientifical!

Scientists are working to unravel the secrets of the universe

E=MC Escher by tomburns

Using their knowledge and intellectual potential like super powers

AstrophysiX-Men by Kgullholmen

To wrangle up some inside information about the world we live in

Germ Wrangler (Science!) by Amorphia Apparel

Scientists tend to be rather interesting individuals

Extraordinary Scientists by Anna-Maria Jung

With powers they can use to create good things

She's Got Science by Megan Lara

Or for selfish and evil purposes

Fridge Refrigeration by Amanda Flagg

Thankfully, most scientists have the planet's best interest in mind when they conduct research

Engage In Science by Jimiyo

And their discoveries open our minds to the infinite possibilities, and realities, that surround us

Fringe Science by 6amcrisis

It certainly doesn't hurt when they present their scientific discoveries with a little flair!

Science The Musical by Pacalin

Science folk don't really care about the acclaim, they're out to help make the world a better place

The Science Guy by Nora Evergla

By applying the scientific method to questions we have about life, the universe and everything

Scientific Method Helvetica by Fishbiscuit

They're able to understand and control the forces at work on our planet, which is mostly a good thing

Earthquake! by robotrobotROBOT

Sometimes scientists have to deal with some pretty nasty stuff to get answers

A Mean O' Acid by Mark Heath

And will occasionally have their minds bent a bit by their discoveries

Keep Calm I'm The Doppler Effect by Karlangas

But in the end their research saves lives, provided people use things, like vaccines, that they develop


Luckily, science works whether you believe in it or not

Down With Gravity by Ashleigh Brilliant

And those of us who believe in the power of science see guys like Sagan as scientific gods

We Are The Cosmos by Buby87

No, not dogs, gods, figuratively speaking, of course

lab-rador by Louisros

Or superstars if you prefer, you know, strictly prime time scientific talent

Hawking / Wu Tang (Monsters Of Grok) by Amorphia Apparel

Scientists don't always look cool while they're doing their science stuff

John Ellis of CERN by Ikado

But they get to see some really cool sciency stuff

Bacteriophage by Tobe Fonseca

Stuff that makes the world a safer place, and a tastier place too!

BaNaNa by Alberto Arni

Stuff that keeps our data safe, so we don't lose those pics from the 90s we scanned in

90s Safety by Yiannis

Stuff that will utterly blind you with the awesome scientificness of it all

Blinded Me With Science by Jeremy Hawkins

And even though scientific discoveries may seem scary at times

I Love Science by Fuacka

We need to keep our love of science alive so our knowledge banks can continue to grow

Through The Microscope (Pink) by Chay Hawes

Scientific research has already taken us to the cosmos

Space Cowboy by Georgeslemercenaire

Taught us many new things about time and space travel

Worm Hole by Firebeard

And with any luck, and more funding, space research will continue taking us to amazing new places

Vehement Von Braun by Ikado

Because science is the stuff dreams are made of, the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe!

Science by Crumblin' Cookie

Celebrate your love of science when you get dressed every day by grabbing some cool science themed t-shirts from the NeatoShop, or you can get your geeky fix there too.

You'll also find shirts that combine all of your passions into one amazing design, which is why the NeatoShop is your one stop shop for cool tees!

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