Go Back To School In Style With These 30 Nerdy T-Shirts

It's back to school time once again, and that means school is on everyone's mind whether they graduated in 1960 or they'll be starting school in 2016.

Whether you're still heading down the road towards a college degree or you're a graduate who know studies at the school of hard knocks there's sure to be something you'll want to wear in the NeatoShop, where you'll find thousands of smart looking and totally geeky designs!

When school is called back into session

Sailor Mouse by FourSixSix

And kids are attending classes again

Double Answer by Albyletoy

There's something in the air that drives the academically minded wild

I (Big Butt Skinner) Springfield by Dann Matthews

Old school alumni entertain new hopes of going back to school


While recent college grads are wishing they could keep taking classes for an eternity

Grayschool Power 2.0!! by Loku

And the college bound kiss their carefree days of childhood behind

Unseen University-Fighting Wizards by Nemons

The quest for a good education is over way too soon for most students

Choose Your Own Adventure by Mykel AD

But unless they move on to teaching they must kiss the classroom goodbye

Professor Yondu by Lederman Studio

A reality that makes those who love learning a little sad

Grammar Police by SteveOramA

Because time flies when you're having fun learning!

Run! by Miffmelon

A good education starts in elementary school

Doozer Class by dutyfreak

Where we learn the basics

Grateful Student by Boggs Nicolas

Like how to read

Wumbology by Oneskillwonder

How our human bodies work, and all the stuff we have swimming around inside us

Biological! by Fishbiscuit

And what happens when we get caught smoking on school grounds

Bender Detention by MELONSETA

As we progress to junior high and high school ee learn important lessons, like how to lie

A Padawan's Excuse by Boggs Nicolas

How to make lifelong friends

Best Friends Forever by Chay Hawes

And how to keep those friends alive

Class Protector by Tom Trager

We learn important lessons about right and wrong

Doomiversity by ZümWorks

And how to work some mathematical magic

E EQUALS MC2 by Bomdesignz

But only if our minds aren't corrupted by lies and misinformation

Devil Bones (Teach The Controversy) by Amorphia Apparel

We depend on our teachers to show us the value of a good education

Cooking With Chemistry by Winter Artwork Illustration

Attending class in the hopes these educators will teach us good stuff instead of shaggy dog stories

Lab Teacher by The Art Of Randyl Bishop

And help us become heroes of knowledge

Hyrule Hero Academy by Arinesart

Until we reach that apex of academia- college!

Greendale College by Inner Coma Clothing Co.

University level education comes with a lot of school pride

Kanto University by Merimeaux

And more than a few fun times

Funny College Frat House Crest by Mudge

But in the end it's all about getting that important piece of paper

That Piece Of Paper by SteveOramA

And feeling the pride of accomplishment as we prove to the world how clever we are

Clever Girl by MareveDesign

But don't forget that clever doesn't always equal career, and the job market is tough out there!

Agents of the U.N.E.M.P.L.O.Y.E.D. by Jeremy Hawkins

If you're getting geared up to look cool when you go back to school there's no better place to shop for tops than the NeatoShop.

They've got tons of different designs that look mighty fine on a t-shirt, hoodie, even a shirt for your dog if you so desire, and all sales benefit those indie artists who make our days brighter with their designs.

The NeatoShop is the only place you need to go for that smart and geeky look you need in your academic life!

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