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High School Parking Spaces

At a high school in Robinson, Texas, students are assigned parking spaces, and seniors get the privilege of painting theirs. Redditor andrewalmond10 shows us a picture of his favorite space. What a great idea! My daughter has an assigned space, and would probably pay extra for the opportunity to personalize it.  

The discussion at reddit includes many city dwellers who marvel at high schools that have student parking lots, and non-Americans who marvel at students driving to school at all. Outside of big cities, the U.S. is quite spread out, and mass transit is dismal or nonexistent. That goes for school buses, too, as budgets can’t keep up with the number of students. And you don’t have to be rich to let your child drive a car -a vehicle that doesn’t have to last more than a year or two can be had cheaply, and can pay for itself in gas and time saved over ferrying kids to school and back. How did your high school handle student parking?   

Continue reading to see a few more painted spaces.

Andrewalmond10 had a second picture of another space.

JisungM posted his from 2011.

Breisch242 contributed this one. Same idea, different school.

There are plenty of other schools that do this. And the students often use puns for decoration. Rebecca Aldir did.

Patrick did a time-lapse video of the painting process. He wanted to make a GoPro ad.  

Paytie Hughston saved this picture of an unknown senior at the end of the school year, showing a little wear and tear.

On a sadder note, students painted the parking space of a deceased classmate as a memorial.

The discussion at reddit also had a section of college students complaining about how expensive it is to park on campus. The rest of the comments took umbrage at the original picture’s lack of an apostrophe on the word “you’re,” but that’s a reference to the cover of Drake’s new album.

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Well we had a student parking lot (back in the 80's in Indiana) but no reserved spots. Lot was always full. And I have almost no other memories of that parking lot! I guess it was pretty straight forward and unremarkable!
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American kids can get licenses at 16, which normally would have them driving for two years of high school. But so many kids are held back in the early grades that we have a surprising number of 19-year-olds in high school.
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Yeah, as a Canadian living near a big city, it surprises me to learn that in some places, enough high school students drive to school that they'd get parking spaces. I don't know how the students at my high school got parking spaces, because so few of them drove to school. (Though part of the reason might be that in my area, high school ends in Grade 11, when students are 16-17 years old, just barely legal driving age.)
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