Don't Stay in School

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British singer Boyinaband recorded this song about what he learned in school and what he didn’t learn. In a comment, he clarified:

"Don't Stay in School" isn't inferring students shouldn't stay in school, it's saying topics which aren't practically useful shouldn't stay in school. There are obviously a lot of benefits to getting an education, I'm just concerned that the topics are not prioritized well at all.

Now, I’m all for learning things you won’t need in your everyday life, but not at the expense of things you will need to know. You could say that money management, law, politics, first aid, and sex education are things that young people should learn from their parents, but that’s pretty difficult in modern families where everyone’s working or in school, or the parents don’t know that much about those things themselves. Besides, no one explains to parents that they are expected to take up the slack in real world education. Maybe someone should.

There’s a lot to be said about building up basic knowledge of how the world works in literature, history, math, and science, so can we really drop those? I don’t know about other countries, but in America, if a subject is not on the standardized tests, schools most likely won’t be teaching it. What do you think? -Thanks, Edward!

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I have very strong feeling on this subject. To keep it short, I am leaving out personal choices and sticking to two topics: Math and Life Skills.
Math needs to be way accelerated. Skip Geometry. Algebra early. College level calculus senior year. Students can opt out after basic algebra.
Life skills should be taught even if it is as lame as the Health classes I took on junior high.
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Christopher Landry, we once had a huge number of non-skilled positions in factories that are no more. I know a lot of guys who spent years in the skilled trades such as construction, masonry, roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc. and by the time they are 50 their bodies are worn out and broken. Others are not so easy to train. Remember that half of the population is below average, and average is not all that intelligent.
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