Social Experiment Films Reaction to Two Men Holding Hands on Russian Streets

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ChebuRussiaTV recently set up an experiment using a hidden camera placed on a man who would be posing as half of a gay couple, walking hand-in-hand with another man through Russian city streets. As expected, Russia's well-known anti-gay sentiment manifested in a number of ways; mainly profanity and physical roughousing such as pushing and shoving. English subtitles give one an idea of the hate that openly gay Russians face every day. Via Design Taxi

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Yes, I realize you don't understand, but at this point I don't see what else I can do to help you. It has nothing at all to do with what I "feel" or "consider basic" and is entirely a practical limitation.
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Yes, of course, my eyes are opened now. Brutal oppression of minorities doesn't have any sort of sweeping impact across society. Victimized minorities, who are obviously unimportant anyway, shouldn't expect or demand better treatment before all the other societal problems have been fixed - one must not be selfish. It all makes sense now.
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You're not giving yourself enough credit. Your argument isn't stupid. Maybe a little myopic.
Not sure why you feel that addressing more than one issue at a time has anything to do with "fix stuff" fairy dust. I think you're saying that you can't fix anything until you fix those items on the list that you consider basic, so addressing any other issues is just wishful thinking. You may have a (cynical) point, but why not address these things? Otherwise, marginalized people will continue to be oppressed and die in silence. That's no solution.
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You might have a point if there was magical "fix stuff" fairy dust you could use. Instead, no matter what you're trying to do, you're going to run up against massive corruption, political assassinations, lack of a free press, and more. This discussion has exceeded my stupidity limit for the day...
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I'm guessing there's a lot more gay people in Russia than reporters. And many of them live in fear for their lives if discovered, so the comparison is apt. Apt, I say.
Is there a giant To Do list of things that need to fixed with countries, and only one issue can be addressed at a time? Or is stopping homophobia and anti-Semitism a "luxury" cause? Maybe the USA should have delayed the civil rights movement until the economy improved?
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