A Brief History of Presidential Food Controversies

Particularly in modern times, the American public has had a keen interest in the lives and lifestyles of their presidents. That includes just about every aspect, including what and how much the presidents eat and drink. The linked article below cites a number of instances in which food and drink somehow factored into presidential news items. While not all were seriously controversial per se, they did make headlines at the time. President Clinton's former love of McDonald's is one example. From the text, 

"Bill Clinton’s Love Affair With McDonald's
Until he starting dabbling with veganism in 2011, Bill Clinton was notoriously fond of the fast-food chain. This was especially true in the early '90s, when he was frequently found visiting McDonald's, including on jogs. His love of the Big Mac and other fatty food provided a lot of fodder for commentators and comedians, particularly this classic SNL sketch."

Check out other presidential food and drink headlines at New York Magazine, and don't miss the SNL clip above that features the great Phil Hartman as Bill Clinton stopping by McDonald's in the early part of a jog (also featuring Chris Farley and other SNL favorites). 

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"A Brief History of Presidential Food Controversies"

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