Here's What Happens When You Illegally Park In A Handicapped Spot In Brazil

Some people don’t see why it’s such a big deal when a non-handicapped person parks in a handicapped spot, but everyone else understands why these spots should be left open for those in need.

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So those who refuse to reserve those spots for the handicapped generally meet with some backlash from the general public. Sometimes they get a tongue lashing and other times something way more radical occurs.

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A group of Brazilians decided to creatively express their disdain for an illegal parker by covering his car with blue and white Post-It Notes, so he would think twice about parking in the blue zone ever again.

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Good one! I was at a Home Depot one time, just waiting in my car - in MY handicap spot! - while my husband went in and shopped for some garden stuff. While I was sitting in the parking lot some guy in a pick up truck parked a few lanes from me in a handicap spot. Another guy approached him and told him to go park somewhere else. The driver cursed at him, flipped him off and went into the store. The other guy walked around the parking lot and gathered up shopping carts and those really heavy carts for holding lumber (the kind that have really wonky wheels and are a pain to wheel around). He put all of those carts around that truck. Ring after ring of carts. It was glorious to see. A crowd started to gather. Some other people helped add more carts to the pile before the man did a fade away into the crowd before the jerk came out. Finally the pick up driver came out and boy was he ticked off. The crowd yelled at him and jeered. It took him about 15 minutes to clear a path so he could drive off. Now, that's passive-aggressiveness used to a great advantage, IMO.
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