Share Some Puppy Love With These 30 Doggone Good T-Shirts (And You Can Win One Too!)

Dog lovers are an ardent bunch, steadfast in their conviction that man's best friend is the absolute pick of the litter among all types of pets.

If you're a dog lover then you know that puppy love knows no bounds, and one of the geekiest ways to show your love of dogs is with a dog themed t-shirt from the NeatoShop!

(But if times are ruff for your poor wallet then make your way to the end of this post for your chance to win a free NeatoShop t-shirt!)

Dogs have been living alongside humans since way back in the day


And together we’ve become quite a pair

Adventure Throne by BazNet

We taught them how to sit and guard our stuff

All Seeing Eye Dog by DauntlessDS

Trained them to fight by our side

Dog Training Academy by Jml2Art

And how to dress for any occasion


They, in turn, taught us how to beg and play dead like a boss

Bag-O-Ribs Doggie Treats by DeepFriedArt

How to catch Zzzzs and how not to catch bees

Dogs With Bees In Their Mouths by robotrobotROBOT

The dog versus cat debate has been going on for a long time

Dogs Vs. Cats by Adam Koford

But in the end it's the loyal dog that claims the most followers

Big Dog by Guiganoide

It’s not surprising that we’re so in love with our canine companions

My Neighbor's Dog by Eman!

They give us something to wipe our hands on when they’re dirty

My Best Friend !!! by Adrian Filmore

Or wipe our feet on, as the case may be

Beware Of Dog by eltronco

They entertain us with their ridiculous antics

Double Dog Dare by SteveOramA

And keep us guessing with their strange behavior

Dinner Time by BazNet

Dogs help us hunt for food

Dog Hunt by Donnie

And sometimes help us get out of sticky situations

Rubik Dog by Legendary Phoenix

Although more often than not we’re the ones getting our hounds out of trouble

Dogs In Vases: Basset by Michael Renouf

For despite all the trouble they bring into our lives

The Boxer by Ronan Lynam

We simply adore our furry doggy friends


And there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them

Heisenbeagle by Warbucks Design

Dogs are a huge part of our animal loving lives

Dogzilla by Steven Lefcourt

But dog ownership can have its ups and downs

The Emotional Ups And Downs Of Being A Dog Owner by lousiros

Sometimes you wonder if they only love you for your food

The Human Bone by Xiaobaosg

And whether they'd turn on you if they had the chance

NY Terror Dogs by Matt Parsons

Some dogs are simply terrifying to behold, even to their owners

Dog And Cat by Boggs Nicolas

But if you spend a little time with the dog, and get to know what they're thinking

Diamond Doge by Merimeaux

Dig beneath the surface and see what makes them tick

The Magic Dog by Adrian Filmore

You'll see they really do want to be by their owner's side

Resident Alien With Dog Commands Outer Space TV Remote by Mudge

And no matter how a dog acts, or what look it has on its face

Poohlar Bear Dog And Friends by Prime Premne

They're the only ones we can count on to be by our sides until the bitter end!

DINKI DI by BeastPop

If you're a diehard dog lover, or you just enjoy animal themed geekery, then you have to check out all the amazing animal designs found in the NeatoShop.

The Neatoshop is your one stop shop for all things amazing found on a t-shirt, and our prints are the best in the biz!

Every sale from the NeatoShop supports indie artists from around the world, so head on over and bring home some new geeky garments that show your love of man's best friend!

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