Odd Movie Appearances and Cameos

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

Steven Spielberg makes a cameo appearance in The Blues Brothers. Look for him near the end of the film as a clerk in an office.

Sharon Stone makes a quick cameo as Woody Allen's sexy fantasy girl in Stardust Memories. She gives him a big, open-mouthed kiss through the windows of a train carriage and then she's gone.

Sigourney Weaver was in a Woody Allen film too- Annie Hall. “Unless you know my raincoat,” Sigourney says, “You'll miss me."

One of Paul Newman's finest screen performances is in 1981's The Verdict. Look closely at the final courtroom scene in the film, if you look carefully, you'll spot Bruce Willis as an extra.

Look closely in The Graduate for Richard Dreyfuss. He has two lines: “Shall I get the cops? I’ll get the cops.”

Leon Trotsky (!!!!!!), you know, that communist creepy guy, was actually in the 1914 silent movie, My Official Wife.

Harpo Marx in a silent film? Yep. In 1925, years before the first Marx Brothers movie, Harpo makes a quick appearance in a silent Richard Dix movie called Too Many Kisses. Harpo in a silent film- quite ironic.

Marilyn Monroe- an extra???!!! Well, check out her very first screen appearance, a major turkey called Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hey! She filmed it in 1946. If you ever catch it, watch closely and you will see Marilyn say her immortal first line as a movie actress: “Hi Rad." Who would have guessed she would become the most talked about, written about, imitated movie actress in history?

Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th prez, actually appears as himself in the 1917 epic, Womanhood: The Glory of a Nation.

If you ever see the irreverent Monty Python comedy Life of Brian, don't blink your eyes. You might miss Beatle George Harrison. He's only on screen a few seconds. Easy audition for George though; he was also the producer of the film.

Benito Mussolini (!!!!!!!) was actually an extra in The Eternal City, a silent from 1914.

Even Fidel Castro can be in a movie. No kidding. In the 1946 film, Holiday in Mexico, the future dictator appears as an extra.

In Charles Bronson's Death Wish, one of the forgettable muggers who falls prey to vigilante Bronson was Jeff Goldblum.

Harrison Ford's resume includes a bit as a bellboy in the not-so-classic Dead Heat on a Merry-go-Round from 1966. He has one line of dialogue.

Sylvester Stallone got his start in a Woody Allen film, too. Watch the film Bananas and look for Stallone as a mugger Woody encounters on a subway train.

Okay, here's your bar bet of the day. In what Jerry Lewis movie does James Dean appear? I kid you not! In 1951, Dean was a typical small-time, broke, young actor. According to Jerry, he asked him for a bit in the Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis film, Sailor Beware. watch closely and you will see James Dean, then 20 years old, in the locker room scene. He has one line: “The guy's a professional.”


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