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These 30 Horror Themed T-Shirts Are A Real Scream! (And You Can Win One Too!)

Horror fans like movies that bring some bloody thrills and chills into their lives, and they can't get enough of the jump scares, the dark humor and, of course, the deadly terror.

Horror fan-atics should head to the NeatoShop for all their ghoulish gear, where you'll find a frightfully fun assortment of t-shirts featuring your favorite fiends.

But if you can't seem to scratch up the dough to buy a t-shirt then squirm your way to the bottom of this post for your chance to win your very own NeatoShop t-shirt!

Horror movie fans are a pretty wild bunch

King Of The Horror by Ninjaink

And they come in all shapes and sizes, even pill shaped!

Mini Evil by Chip Skelton

Some fans are squeamish and easily scared, while others soak up the scares and adore the gore

Appetite For Flesh by Letter-Q Artwork

There's no telling whether someone is a horror movie fan when you first meet them

Beat Of The Dead by Demonigote

But if they're wearing a t-shirt with a slasher on the front you're probably face-to-face with a fan

A Nightmare On Pool Street by Dr. Monekers

But just because someone is a horror fan doesn't mean they're dark and deranged

When You Wish Upon A Saw by Sam Daugherty

It just means their favorite movies are full of thrills, chills and things that go bump in the night

Jack The Ripper by Dann Matthews

Some horror fans really dig monsters


Others find slashers to be a cut above the rest

Brothers Of Horror by ArtOfCoreyCourts

And there's even a fanbase for sci-fi horror crossover films

On A Dark Moon by JCMaziu

Whatever their preference, horror movie fans are a rabid bunch

Rocky Horror Picture Show Toon 'Gang Of Six' by Bleee

They're among the most diehard movie fans

The Bride Dollmaker by Medusa Dollmaker

And yet they still find time to hang out with their friends between flicks

Horror League by Andriu

Contrary to popular belief, many horror movie fans come from a loving family

Eternal Love by Wolf Krusemark

They're animal lovers

Terror Dog Shaming by EvolvingEye

With a good sense of humor

Chucky Charms by Punksthetic

Who enjoy socializing over a game of high stakes poker

Friday Killer Hand by SilverBaX

Fright feature fans are often initiated at an early age

Trick Or Treat! by Chip Skelton

And generally cut their fangs on the classics

The Monster by Marinasinger Designs

Before discovering more current creature features that drive them wild

Were Car by Firebeard

Young fans may find themselves engaged by the dark storylines

WWPD? by Chema Bola8

They might see something they like in a seriously scary slasher

Krustywise by Brinkerhoff

Or they may simply love the look of an actor in a rubber monster suit

Diving School! by Profeta999

Although the preferred type of actor in the suit may change after they hit puberty

Lagoon Girl by Thomas Orrow

When a budding horror movie fan discovers the sheer number of fright flicks to choose from

Horror Icon Alphabet by Mike Boon

They may find themselves overwhelmed by the decision of which flick to watch first

Minhead by Firepower Tees

But, as any old school horror movie fan knows, you really can't go wrong with the classics

Groovy! by Harebrained Design

And a franchise with tons of flicks under its belt means more for the newly initiated to love

Find A Penny (modern) by Poopsmoothie

Which is a dream come true if you have an entire weekend to kill...and don't plan on sleeping

Charface by Mephias

The newly initiated may kiss their life before horror movies goodbye, because once they become hooked on horror they'll never be the same again!

Sons Of Voorhees by Benares

Take your geeky wardrobe to the dark side with a brand new horror themed t-shirt from the NeatoShop, where our customer service and print quality are so good it's scary!

Each NeatoShop sale supports the indie artists from around the world who make us scream with delight with their awesome designs, and with over 3000 t-shirts to choose from you're bound to find something that appeals to your individual sense of style, no matter how dark!

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