Atheist Arya Stark Is The New Face Of Fantasy Disenchantment

Arya Stark has been through a lot in her young life, and while some may turn to faith after witnessing their father’s death and watching their family torn asunder by those vying for the Iron Throne, Anya has chosen to put faith in God on her list.

This is all according to the new Game Of Thrones meme Atheist Arya Stark, which was created by Tumblr user halfprincesshalfgoddess, so don’t expect to find much canon material from the show.

What you can expect from this meme is a funny take on what a cocky young Arya might say to those pious Sparrows as she made her way across Westeros, a grand assortment of ha-has for heathens.

-Via Cheezburger

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That may be so, but it's lazy, and it implies that the celebrity whose image is used endorses the viewpoint in the picture. Most of the ones I've seen are usually sarcastic and condescending.
At least when Archie and his friends were being used as evangelical tools, they were using original material, and not just reprinting their own viewpoints over pre-existing images.
It's not the religious/atheist issue, it's the lack of effort or originality.
Same goes with the images that people take from a tv show, and put on the web with the text printed on the image. Some of them are the actual jokes, some are pasted together with people's own jokes. Lazy.
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Doesn't Westeros have enough axes to grind already?

I've never understood the passion for adding text of your own views to a picture of a celebrity and pretending it's something original or noteworthy.
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