Show Off Your Wild Side With These Animal Themed T-Shirts (And Win One Too!)

The natural world is an endless source of inspiration for artists, and when it comes to showing your love of animals there's no better way than by wearing clothing sporting designs created by your fellow critter loving artists.

If you're an animal lover then you'll love the simply purr-fect selection of animal themed t-shirts available in the NeatoShop!

And if you find a particular design to be the cats meow but can't seem to pony up the cash simply scroll down to the bottom of the post for your chance to win a NeatoShop tee!

Our love of animals generally starts at an early age

Hungry Hungry Turtles by Manikx

We see cute little critters and simply can't resist the cuteness

Seal Of Approval by Louisros

And even when we're all grown up and too macho and mature to admit we like cute there's still something appealing about adorable animals

Skulls Are For Pussies by Harebrained Design

As we grow older we learn to appreciate the awesome powers animals possess

Thunder Dog by Miski

We better appreciate their primal nature

TIGER BLOODY ROAR Black Version by Berserk7

And admire the inherent strength that lies in their beastly bodies

Care For A Real Life Bear? by Theduc

Meanwhile, most animals don't really seem to understand humans at all

Animals... by Alberto Arni

They don't understand how we can live such fast paced lives

Busy As A Bee by Thomas Orrow

Nor why we indiscriminately hunt animals simply for amusement

Triceratops by eltronco

Because although animals are often at odds with one another

Masters Of The Wild by Matt Fontaine

They don't kill each other without a good reason

Original Snakes On A Plain by Mudge

Therefore, animals are more civilized than humans

Dapper Alpaca by Alex Boake Illustration

They have an inherent sense of style

PandaLion by Anthony Moreno

And always feel comfortable in their own skin

Zero Followers by Delinquent

They don't struggle to stay in shape like humans do

Pandalympics by Wirdou

They don't worry about what other animals think of their behavior

Adventure Time In Dreamland by Dann Matthews

They just enjoy their furry little lives while they can

Whale Of A Bath Time! by ivejustquitsmoking

For some animals are more delicious than others

The Pig by robotrobotROBOT

And therefore make appealing targets for apex predators


But that's just part of the circle of life

LIFE by Wirdou

There is a delicate balance that must be preserved in the natural world

Into The Wild by Filiskun

And all animals have a part to play in their ecosystem

Jungle Hide-And-Seek by Elinakious

We owe it to ourselves, as fellow animals, to give a crap about our fuzzy cousins

Bad Day by Triagus

Because they're the kind of cousins that are a real blast to hang out with

Ceiling Doge by Jimiyo

The cousins who keep us on our toes

Fire Ferret by Dooomcat

And always make us smile

Studio Kitty by Kannaya

We're guests in their wild world

Jungle Moon by daletheskater

And even though we don't fully understand our critter cousins

Poohlar Bear Dog And Friends by Prime Premne

Even though some animals may seem a bit scary

Animal Instinct by Trheewood

They'll watch over us as long as we return the favor.

Nightowl by Thomas Orrow

Animal lovers and geeks of all kind should head to the NeatoShop for their torso covers, because the NeatoShop has a shirt for every kind of critter!

All sales from the NeatoShop support the wild and wooly indie artists from around the world who drive us ape with their amazing t-shirt designs. So swing on over to the NeatoShop and cover your hairless ape torso in style!

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