An Assortment Of Sinfully Strange Subcultures

Strange subcultures are constantly rising to the surface amidst the sea of people floating through life in Mundania, but only a select few become an island of individuality.

Most subcultures spring up around a particular kind of music, era of history or style of dress, but the internet has brought a whole new level of strangeness to subcultures.

For instance, there’s an entire group of people with their own website dedicated to every single thing this guy does:

And if you spend enough time online you might come across the colorful kooks who are part of the Ship Of Fools, the self proclaimed "magazine of Christian unrest" who are obviously big fans of Ned Flanders

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I neither indicated nor implied that these subcultures are humorous, the whole point is how inherently strange they are, and not that they're "full of yuks". Many of the subcultures in the Cracked article are extremely dark and demented, so I chose to go with one that's weird but not nightmarish.

As for seeing things you wish you didn't know about- welcome to the internet, if you think that's bad you haven't been exposed to much online. It's easy to be offended by things you see online when you make assumptions, but according to all I have seen about this subculture Christian is actually in on it all, and the whole thing might be nothing more than a strange form of internet theater.

As for his autism- that is probably a lie as well, as there is no evidence to support this claim, yet there's plenty of evidence online to support the fact that he's making the whole thing up.
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Having read the linked page, it's hard to see the yuks that are presumably inherent in the life of an autistic man who is unemployed (like so much of that population), isolated, delusional, and mocked by strangers. I guess it's a subculture, but I wish I didn't know about it. The Ship of Fools folks look like they're in on the joke, and what with Flanders being fictional and all, laughing at him is a little more fun.
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